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Homemade: 13 Recipes to Make for Thanksgiving!

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13 recipes to enjoy on Thanksgiving from our RealtySouth family to yours!


This time of year is special. It reminds us the reason for the season. We begin to reflect on past memories and look forward to new traditions during the holidays. Our RealtySouth family extends beyond buying or selling houses. We look forward to celebrating big WINS together and join in for thanksgiving celebrations around the offices. There is always plenty of laughter and good food to go around. Our agents are not only experts at home, but some are experts in the kitchen. Everything is better when it's homemade. 


1. Fisher Pumpkin Muffins - named for the Fisher family! "This recipe was shared with my family by our closest friends in Tampa, Florida, and I sold their daughter a home in Birmingham!" - Leslie C. Edwards, RealtySouth Alford Avenue. Click the download button to view the recipe. 



2. Easy Caramel Pie - "I love thanksgiving, so very much. There’s one part of the day, that I love more than anything else, and is such a small moment. It’s when my sweet precious mom says the blessing. She chokes up every time, and so does the entire family. She also blesses all our military and their families in the prayer, as my dad is retired from the national guard. My mother is a 6 year breast cancer survivor and I treasure every moment I have with her! As for the pie, we are not known for our culinary expertise and love how easy it is to make this yummy pie." - Ashley Lemley, RealtySouth, Acton Road.


3. Chicken in Dressing - "My dressing isn't really a recipe. It's from my mom, and you know how moms are. They say use a pinch of this and a pinch of that. Anyway, here's my best guesstimate." - Freida Zamiatala, McCalla I-459. Learn how to make this recipe below. 



4. Corn Casserole - "I am a very picky eater, even when it came to Thanksgiving. When my mother noticed the majority of the sides that were put out on Thanksgiving were things I would not eat much of, she began making me corn casserole every year. This has been one of my favorite side dishes as a child and what she would make me whenever I was feeling down or unwell." - Ashley-Rose Carr Relocation 



5. Cranberry Salad -  "The Cranberry Salad recipe is a tradition in my family.  We like it at Thanksgiving (and sometimes at Christmas) because it blends in so well with turkey and dressing. Thanksgiving is special to me because it is a time set aside for a special time of giving thanks to God, our Creator for the Freedom's we enjoy.  A time to say "thanks" for the Pilgrims who journeyed across perilous seas many losing family to obey God's call and direction.  I also like it because of the lack of commercialism. I hope everyone enjoys the recipe this year and years to come." -Janie Robbins, RealtySouth, Acton Road.





6. Cornbread Dressing - "My grandmother made cornbread dressing with sage in it! It was the best! She never used a recipe and taught me to just "wing it!" This is really, really close to how it's made!" - Katherine Manush, RealtySouth, Acton Road. Click the download button to learn how to make it! 



7. Heavenly Salad - What more do you need to know when the recipe is named "Heavenly Salad?" This is a refreshing side dish that will leave your guests wanting more! Recipe by Robert Cloud, RealtySouth Northern. Learn more about this recipe below. 



8. Corn Casserole -  "What makes this recipe special is that my husband is the one that makes it!" -Karina Barone, RealtySouth Crestline. Find out how to make this side dish by clicking the download button. 


9. Pumpkin Cheesecake - "Thanksgiving is the only time of year when ALL of my family is home and around the same table. So that makes it special to me." -Alecia Simersky, RealtySouth, Auburn. 



10. Sausage Balls - This is a great appetizer for any occasion and is a crowd pleaser! Plus, it makes your home smell amazing. Recipe by Kay Hagood, RealtySouth McCalla I-459. Click download to view this recipe. 



11. Cranberry Salad - Light, refreshing are just a few words to describe this side dish. You will definitely be the envy of all of your friends when they come to your home to celebrate the season. Recipe by Peggy Hall, RealtySouth Chilton. 



12. Sweet Potato Casserole - This is everyone's favorite comfort food and is an easy side dish that will win over all of your friends and family this Thanksgiving! Recipe by Jessica Krzykalski RealtySouth, Shelby.




13. Spaghetti and Cheese - "It was my grandmother's recipe."       - Susie Helton, RealtySouth, Alford. This is a delicious meal that is too good to pass up! Find the recipe below. 





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